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Thread: Pressurized CO2 setup parts list

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    Yeah, they're handy as a pocket on a shirt.

    I know our Retail Supporters run specials. Might get one to keep an eye out for a used system for you?
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    this is super helpful. thanks for all of this great info

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    This regulator fell in my lap for $20 and I couldn’t pass on it... anyone with experience able to tell me about successful use or challenges in an aquarium? The guy I bought it from had been using it for hydroponics.

    Titan Controls Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Regulator for 120V Controllers & Timers
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    Here’s where I’m at chasing down this system:
    empty co2 5lb cylinder: $60 (thanks dfwfishbox)
    fill up @ kool-keg Arlington: $27
    co2 regulator/solenoid: $20 on Craigslist
    diy co2 reactor/diffuser as pictured by op: $30
    bubble counter/check valve:$16
    co2 tubing: $10
    co2 regulator gaskets...: $5.50
    tubing clamps jic: $7

    TOTAL: $175.50

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