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Thread: wet dry vs canister?

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    Default wet dry vs canister?

    I am currently running a wet dry set up in my 90 gallon tank. I have had the wet dry setup for a year or so but I don't really like it due to evaporation rate and the overflow box inside the tank taking up space.

    I have always used canisters before and never had any issues as long as they have been top quality brands. I am considering changing to a canister filter (Eheim thermofilter or fluval etc).

    Has anyone gone this route?

    Any input is welcome.


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    All depends on the setup and fish you got.

    If you got saltwater, obviously it would be sump style filter. I never heard of anyone using canister on a saltwater tank before
    For a planted tank, I would go with a canister filter to limit the surface agitation causing the CO2 level to lower.
    If you got big fish and a heavy bioload, I would go with a wetdry. Filter socks are much easier to be replaced and cleaned vs taking the canister apart. Bio filtration is unmatched.

    There are negatives to wet dry as you have noted about evaporation and that horrible noise the pump makes when it is sucking air. But that can be fixed by adding water/bigger sump/ATO/using cover to reduce evaporation. I have 2 fx5 and a fx6 on my 300g and i hate it. It such a PITA to take apart and clean. Cleaning it requires using aquarium water. Can't use tap water because you will kill the beneficial bacteria. If you wet/dry uses filter socks, its as easy as throwing them in the washer.
    300G, 2 FX5, 1 FX6, Reef Angel Controller
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    I got cichlids, yellow labs, giant demasoni and a few adult J. Regani's.

    Approx 20 total.

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    I run a sump on one tank and two fx4 on another. The fx4 are much easier to maintain. You don't have to worry about killing off beneficial bacteria if you clean one filter at a time. Filters should be cleaned on different schedules.
    I would take a nice canister over a wet dry or sump for freshwater.
    Canister is also more quiet and I don't have to worry about babies getting taken down to the sump with the canister...
    If I didn't have an fx4 or fx6, I would probably prefer a sump...

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    I am either going to get this up and running again with a 1260 pump or buy a new Eheim Pro 4+ 600.


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