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    I have a baby coming and need to clean out the remainding stuff from my fish room. Everything is free, but you must take everything. Please don't contact me unless you are willing to take everything (some stuff may need to be thrown away) and have someone to help you load it. Ok, now heres the list.
    125 gallon aquarium (old-bottom glass was broken but it has been repaired- held water for over a year, no issues)
    75 gallon acrylic with built in sump (just started it back up to check and the pump is a little noisy, but should be easy to repair/replace if necessary.)
    55 gallon #1 - no issues
    55 gallon #2 - broken bottom trim (never had issues holding water)
    Black stand built for 180 gallon i previously had
    Various hob filters - some work, some need repair (1 large and 1 small aquaclear filters that work well included)
    Various other fishy goods from my years in the hobby.
    I am free in the evenings - weekends a little busy.
    If interested reply and i will pm you my contact info.

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    i can take all of it tomorrow after i get off of work if it is still available.
    55g reef diy build

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    let me know if still available
    Gee, I get a sig file?

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