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Thread: Best Water Conditioner

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    Default Best Water Conditioner

    What is your preferred choice of water declorinators that you stand by. I have been using Seachem Prime for as long as I can remember but having some second thoughts about this product. Need to try something new and proven to be effective. Inputs please

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    Oh, well there goes my suggestion. Just out of curiosity, what has you questioning it?

    I personally remineralize RODI water. So there is always that option. Another benifit that comes with using remineralized RODI water is that you know exactly what's going in your tank and you don't have to worry about the seasonal fluctuations. You just have to monitor your RODI system for when the media has been depleted.

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    Fritz ACCR powder.Buy it in 12# buckets.

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    SeaChem Safe Water Conditioner

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    Quote Originally Posted by bristlenosedude View Post
    Fritz ACCR powder.Buy it in 12# buckets.
    While I've never used this particular product I have been very impressed with absolutely every Fritz product I've ever used. Also... Lol, I just realized who was suggesting it... I might try ACCR over prime next time I need a water conditioner

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    I use safe also
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    I use Seachem Safe. Same jar for about 4 years.

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    I have been using Safe for years... it is hard to beat for the price.
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    I've used Kordon NovAqua Plus and Amquel Plus for years, but people were complaining that it was expensive. I always thought it was worth it as they're great products. However, last year they came out with the same thing in the Pond version, which can also be used in aquariums (freshwater and salt). They are the best of both worlds, a great product at a great price.
    Pond Amquel Plus
    16 oz - treats 1,920 gals.
    1 gal - treats 15,360 gals.
    Pond NovAqua Plus
    16 oz - treats 2,400 gals.
    1 gal - treats 19,200 gals.
    I wouldn't use anything else.
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    I use Fritz Pro Chlorine and Chloramine remover. Went to it when Zip Drops became too hard to get.

    Now I may have to try ACCR, sounds pretty good
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