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Thread: Anyone up in the Frisco area?

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    Default Anyone up in the Frisco area?

    Can anyone up around the Frisco area help me out with some filter floss or something to seed my tank with. I know I can just wait but it sure would be nice to be able to cut a few weeks out of the cycle.


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    I personally prefer to have a somewhat sterile startup. I have found that "FritzZyme TurboStart 700 Freshwater" gives me pretty consistent results and gets my cycle time down to about a week. I know DNA sells the stuff but you might call around and see if someone closer to you might have it. If you really don't trust or want to use the bottled stuff... I have a canister that I haven't cleaned in probably 6 months... I've been doing nothing but feeding and topping off this tank due to some IRL issues but I'm about to go through and get it cleaned up again. So, If you want to swing over to Wylie I could seed you with some Seachem Matrix.

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    I'm in plano I got a little media, and seachem stability.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Imprezadude View Post
    I'm in plano I got a little media, and seachem stability.

    It would be great if I could get some of the media from you. I will send you a PM with contact details.

    Tim Sapp


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