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Thread: Lighting Requirements for tall tank

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    Default Lighting Requirements for tall tank

    So I have been thinking about doing a planted tank when I set my 150 tall back up. A 150 tall is 48" wide, 24" deep (front to back) and 30" tall so it is a TALL tank. The sump is currently a 60 gallon tank with no baffles in it. (I took them out to redo them, and to pull them from being set up for saltwater.)

    This is a tank that I used to run as a salt water reef tank so I have some good lights on it but wanted to make sure that they would be OK for a planted tank. I have the following lights in the top right now.

    250w MH
    2 LED Fixtures (about 50 LEDs in each)
    2 48" Antic

    This lighting was required to be able to keep the coral growing and it was going great until the tank crashed. I am kind of hoping that if it was good for Coral that it would be good for plants. But I also don't want to blind the community fish that I want to keep as well. I figure that I could put some low light plants on the sides and front of the tank, and some higher light ones at the back. I have not done a planted tank before but I am assuming that like coral there is some high light required plants that will be taller and get closer to the lights.

    I am currently thinking about a soil\sand sub-straight (Walstad method) and also to include some rocks and driftwood as well. Still trying to figure out how I will finally aquascape it. I currently have about 50 pounds of holey rock and might use it, or I may go and get more flat slate type rock and use it.

    So, tell me what the plant people think about my plans and set up.

    Here is a couple photos of what I will be working with,

    Oh another question... I saw somewhere, that the Walstad method does not "require" active filtering? Not sure if I read that right.

    Tim Sapp
    Frisco, TX

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    Oh one additional question... The 250w Mh currently has a "color temp" of 14K which is a fairly blue light. Works great for getting color into the coral, but I am thinking I need to drop this down to 10K or even 6.5K for plants.

    Any suggestions.

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    Color temperature has no effect on plant growth. Use whatever looks good to your eye.
    For something of that height, you will need a strong light. Your MH will work or even led flood lights.
    If youre getting into plants, The DFW-APC is a great plant club to join for the area.

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    only problem I see is you might run in to algae running that much light. I would recommend runing c02 with them.
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