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Thread: WTB Bristlenose pleco and Guppies

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    Default WTB Bristlenose pleco and Guppies

    Looking for some decent sized BN plecos around my area, either the regular or albinos.

    Also I have a newfound fascination with guppies & endlers, don't need any AAA stuff just some good sized fish. I'm not willing on paying $3 or $4 a fish, for what I have heard they breed pretty easy so looking for cheap fish or even free. Need these as dithers in petricola tank as the catfish seem to get more comfortable when there are mid to top level swimmers around

    BTW I do know Phil and I can PM him for plecos so please do not suggest that
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    Oh do you know Phil? He has great bristlenose
    Plecos are like Pokemon you gotta catch them all!!!!!!!

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    If you only need one bristlenose and an albino is ok, I can probably spare one. and I have some guppies. But I'm down by Crowley
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