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Thread: Moving Sale: 125 gallon freshwater setup for sale $300

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    Unhappy Moving Sale: 125 gallon freshwater setup for sale $300

    We'll be moving across the country and selling our house in the coming months. So I am needing to rehomed my fish and sell the tank and equipment.

    Equipment: 125 gallon with stand, fluval fx5 filter, Fluval 306 filter, 36 inch t5 light, 36 inch LED workshop light

    Fish included: 6 blood parrot cichlids, random assortment of barbs, some bristlenose plecos, couple of other fish that are like bosemani rainbows but solid colors, and some kuhli loaches

    All fish are fully grown and mature. Includes heaters, holey rock, red lace rocks, drift wood, plants, any other aquarium stuff underneath.

    The blood parrots are 7 years old.

    Videos of the tank,

    I'm not at the point of parting it out, price is low so the buyer takes it all. If I part it out, then I'll repost with the equipment priced accordingly.

    *edit* it's worth noting the tank no longer looks as planted. The fish got horny and have torn up a bunch of the plants. ��
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    125g Blood Parrot community- planted

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    hell of a deal. Wish i wasnt moving or I'd jump on it. Good luck on your move. I move in about a week myself.

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    if my house would hold it I would think about it, but that's too big and heavy for my foundation and it's not going in the garage. It is a beauty.
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    PM sent in case it is still available.

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