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    Did a trim on my shrimp tanks and now have a ton of extra moss.

    spiky moss - soft ball size $20 or golf ball $5

    Pilos Moss - golf ball size $5

    Cameroon Moss - golf ball $10

    Pictures upon request but it'll be clearer for you to look up the species. shipping is whatever the regular cost is but I'm in Dallas, northeast of Joe Pool if you want to pick up.

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    what shrimp do you keep? interested in any trades for moss or just cash?

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    just cash for the moss for now due to space availability. i currently have cherries, yellows, black diamonds, blue bolts, red wine, and golden bees. I'm looking for tangerine tigers.

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    alrighty!! i need to find a day to make it out your way, thats a good price on moss. you got quite the shrimp collection. shrimp scene is bigger than i thought.

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    sounds good. I have a lot of extra subwasertang that i can thrown in with any purchase also.

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    Nice shrimps! Never heard of those caridinas before, I appreciate shrimp breeders. I keep CRS and cherries.
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    I dove back into the hobby about 2 years ago and I guess I dove in hard

    Pending all moss.

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    I was so scared of all my shrimp dying I just started with a 10 gallon and some pure red lines. If I had the space to make a 120 gallon rack with 10 gallons I'd have every single type of shrimp I could think of. Very addicting to get into.

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