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    Default 100G Rhizome Tank

    Non CO2 injected rhizome tank. Houses Orange Neo Shrimp, Rainbow Tiger Endlers and Pygmy Cories. Tons of ferns, anubias and bucephalandra.IMG_3817.jpgIMG_3843.jpgIMG_3845.jpgIMG_3839.jpgIMG_3828.jpg

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    Nice tank!
    10 planted - Starburst Endler breeding group, trumpet snail infestation, java moss that is taking over the place.
    10 planted - 3 male guppies, 1 male endler lyretail, 3 kuhli loaches, 3 julii cory cats.
    1 gal - betta
    1 gal - betta
    1 gal - betta

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    what lighting are you using?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MrXin View Post
    what lighting are you using?
    Half the tank is lit with a 2ft 4 bulb t5ho, i think the bulbs are just plain ole 2700k or 3300k(definitely a yellow hue from them). the other side is lit with t5 6500k led shop light.


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