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Thread: Help! My tank has failed!

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    Last night/early this morning my 120 gallon tank sprung a leak. I managed to pull the fish and drain the tank before the floors got ruined. I have two big issues. I need a stopgap tank right away. My tinfoil barbs are too big to survive in an orange bucket for long and I need to sort out whether this tank is salvageable or if it has become a reptile tank that I have to sell. It would be a shame as the iron tank stand is unique.

    The leak seems to be at the seam between the bottom glass and the rear glass. The back glass has an artificial rock faćade glued to the glass which would make repair impossible without destroying the faćade. My experience with silicone tells me stripping silicone and reapplying it won’t be a long term solution. There is no way to get the old silicone off sufficiently to have enough glass for new silicone to adhere and properly seal.

    Thoughts appreciated.

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    BUMMER! Go to a Tractor Supply or other feed store and get a suitable size Rubber Maid stock tank. It will safely house your fish indefinitely.

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    how big are the tinfoil barbs? I have access to a couple tanks they could possibly be fostered in for the cost of food for them. The other option is I have a 75 with stand and canopy I'd sell for $110 the only thing is the tanks needs to be rinsed out(it wasn't before I put it up) and the trim needs to be reattached to the stand(it got knocked off in a move and I didn't have a hammer) and the underside of the canopy has some water damage from the tank never having actual lids on them that could be repaired with a little work. Since you don't have 10 posts to PM me I will send you an email
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    I have an old oceanic tank that is either 200 or a 225. The glass is thick and it weighs a ton. The trim looks like hell but it had discus in it until a month or so ago. It is a good, solid old tank. It is currently sitting in my shed and I will take $200 for it. I am 60 miles east of Dallas. I have another tank that is at my daughters. I think it is a 150 or so. I will take $150 for it but it is another 40 minutes to the east of me.


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    Looks like good options. and your tank sounds like it is a reptile tank. Will your stand hold a different tank or is it somehow an all in one?
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