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Thread: New betta tank and looking for local breeder

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    Default New betta tank and looking for local breeder

    I had a 10g tank sitting around so I decided to setup a betta tank. The tank is setup now and cycling. I would really prefer to get a betta from a breeder as opposed to Dallas North Aquarium. I have been to the Lone Start Betta FB page, but I do not see where to get connected to a breeder on there and it seems the rules don't want sales to happen on there. Any leads y'all have would be great!

    Here is a picture of the tank. The smaller filter is from another tank to help get the cycle going.

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    Fish gallery also has some betta's. you could try betta squad usa. they are in Houston and breed betta's. (979) 997 6877 is there number.
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    Texas Aquatics in Richland Hills has lots of nice ones. Imports from overseas.

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    Thanks for the suggestions guys, but I was at Petsmart getting some other things and I saw a really pretty red and black halfmoon and I bought him. I don't like how they keep them, but didn't want him staying on the shelf.

    Nero the betta


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