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Thread: Evolution of my 36g bf

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    Default Evolution of my 36g bf

    My tank has changed a lot since I started it a few years ago...I love how the plants have filled in...the plants on the left and in center as well as the anubis are the sames ones that started in my original tank. When I learned about co2 and ferts, everything took off! Forgive me for forgetting names of my plants...i need to research them and figure it out and then remember it... I've got 24 fish in the tank-
    5 otos
    6 punctatus cory's
    10 silver tip tetras
    1 dwarf gourami
    2 blue paradise gourami's


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    looks good. I like it. I still need to learn to balance c02 and ferts better.
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    Love it! Planted tanks are always changing and evolving, its one of my favorite things about them. Looks like you have crypts, anubias, rotala and hygro? Can't really tell from the pictures, but you can google them and see if they match your plants

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    Really great looking tank! I like the black background


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