So I dumped 25 Buenos Aires Tetras in a 15 long, treated them for 2 diseases, removed bodies, and after a few months removed the 12 remaining adults. And babies appeared. A bunch of them.

I put the diamond tetra pair in with mollies and platies, planted tank, no special conditions, and a baby appeared. No telling how many eggs were eaten.

so these tetras are older now, I did end up losing their one off spring, so I put the pair in a 20 and a day later Mrs. Diamond Tetra is upside down. and half her tail is gone.

Treated with melafix and erthromycin, she got a bit better then upside down again, 2nd day on meds. Yesterday I walked in the fish room just in time to see Mr.Diamond Tetra ram her. She is now in a net breeder and looking much better, I stopped erthromycin and still have melafix in the tank, I think it was breeding behavior, maybe let her recover a couple of days then put more plants back in tank (not recommended with erthromycin) and turn her loose, let me them play for a day then move them out of the tank and see what I got? Any suggestions?