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Thread: co2 Maths

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    Default co2 Maths

    I'm curious about how many of you (and how often) are doing full kh/ph tests and calculating dissolved co2 in your water and how many of you are just using drop checkers, and how many of you are just winging it with a few bubbles per second.

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    I'm winging it at this point.

    Started with regular tests, seeing how much CO2 I could pump in without it having an adverse effect on fish, ect. Turns out any reasonable amount is "good enough" for my tank. I'm not trying for a perfect tank, or even a "well" maintained tank, so it lines up with my goals.
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    I base my co2 levels in my tank by how soon my fish are gasping for air at the surface. If they're at the top of the tank 2 hrs into co2 schedule, I'll turn it down. If they're gasping for co2 7hrs into schedule, I leave it be.

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    You cant just wing CO2 cause its a very sensitive area, and cant just rely on a drop checker. So if you have BBA algae it means you are not measuring your CO2 correctly which i wanna say 90% of the people have BBA algae in their tanks. Once you get passed a certain threshold a slight pH change is a big difference in CO2 ppm. A drop checker just gives you a ballpark measurement but takes too long to change colors, but you still need it regardless. You need a KH test meter and a pH test meter (both can be bought on amazon real cheap), the ph liquid solutions are not accurate enough, it has to measured by .01 decimals. Then you monitor your pH based off of your KH chart, which is the pH/KH CO2 chart. You have to have some sort of skimmer to remove surface scum to promote adequate gas exchange, so you can bring your CO2 ppm level high in the ~35ppm without gassing the fish. I check my KH maybe once a month, but I check my pH multiple times a week to make sure I have a good pH drop. My KH is at 4dKH, I bring my pH from 7.7 down to a 6.5-6.6 which is probably around the ~30ppm CO2 range.

    PS yea im anal about algae, but I have crystal clear water it pays off.
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