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    This may be the wrong place, but I'll ask it here anyways:

    We had some water damage from a washing machine overflowing causing us to have to redo our hardwood floors that my 65 gallon aquarium sits on. I keep telling my wife I'm bad at laundry, so maybe now she'll get the picture. Anyways, since these are real hardwood floors, I need to get the aquarium moved about 20 whole feet to the tile entryway for about 2 or 3 weeks and then back again when they are all done.
    First, does anyone recommend a company willing to move this aquarium? I could do it, but since the insurance is offering to pay for it, I figure why not save myself 6 hours or work twice and support a LFS.
    Second, since the tank will now only be about 10' from where they will be tearing up old flooring, sanding, and restaining the hardwood, what pre-cautions would you take with the tank? I have the glass lids that cover 80% of the top and 2 HOBs back there. Should I just toss plastic over the whole thing? Even though I'm agitating the water, there will still only be so much O2 if I seal it up too well.

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    Call around to LFS local to you and see who's willing to take on the project. (Aquarium Advantage could probably use some support )

    I would loosely cover the tank with a plastic sheet, depending on tank stocking it shouldn't be an issue. If you're really concerned you could put an airstone in to pump fresh air under the sheet. Or fold it over during the night
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    Try Smyda aquatics out of alvarado.
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    I believe any LFS will do this. In the past I have know that Dane at R2R and DNA both offer it.
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    dane at rift 2 reef, Eric at live aquatic's DFW, dna. I know john will rent the out the scissor tables dolly jacks for got what he charged.
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