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    I've always though Salvinis were cool, but never kept them due to hearing mixed reviews of aggression, reclusiveness, and breeding as much as convicts. I just scored a 40G tank and was thinking of finally getting some. Would 1 male and 2 females work out (if I can figure out what to do with the fry), or should I get 3-4 females? I've also heard mixed reviews that they are active and that they hide a lot, so which one is it? Lastly, if I just got 2 females, would they mix well with Electric Blue Acara? The yellow and blue in a tank with lots of driftwood I think would look really stunning.

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    Salvini being a Central American will in almost all cases pair for life so essentially start with 5 or 6 fish and let them pair out. These are not as agressive as they make it to be but for a 40B i would do a pair and fill it with larger tetras like Buenos Aires...

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    I would look for a 75G or larger (5' tank) if you can find it...I think they get ~6-7" pretty easily. You might have more success with rainbow cichlids in a 40B (some of them are really attractive too).


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