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Thread: My new 87g starphire glass tank :)

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    Default My new 87g starphire glass tank :)

    Decided it was time to upgrade the community. South American cichlid community tank. 3 red spot severum, 3 blue acara (will be selling or giving away 1 of each after I'm able to sex a pair) and a red tailed chalcius are the intendedlong term residents. There's a couple mollies and two Siamese algaes eaters in there right now with them.

    - - - Updated - - -

    Tank and stock are from Dallas north, the chalcius and most of the decor are from the fish gallery.
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    Fantastic looking setup. Red/Pink tailed Chalcius are a very underrated fish in my opinion.
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    I agree, he's a really interesting dude. Won't eat anything that isn't floating (I find it a bit humours watching brine shrimp hit him in the face). Introduced a bit of current for him in the tank and he loves to play around in it.

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    Pictures updated:

    I built a 29 gallon diy basic sump to drastically increase the filtration and add some flow. Not to mention add water volume to the system and keep the water level constant. The mollies all got new homes and I put in a 11 fish shoal of Columbian tetras to act as a nice little dither school.

    Very in love with this tank now. Going to add some stems to the back and side soon.

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