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    I have a 65 gallon aquarium that I am loving, but it holds a strange mix of critters. Initially I started with African cichlids along with a few blood parrots. I set up a small tank for my son with some glow fish, a Chinese algae eater, a rubber lip place and a blue crayfish. Well my son's tank kept leaking , so in a moment of desperation I added the crayfish and the glow fish to the tank, expecting to see a fight and probably a few casualties, but it had to be done.

    I do have the tank over populated to cut down on the aggression of the africans, along with a bigger filter than is called for, but still was not sure what to expect. After 2 months there have not been any casualties. The Chinese algae eater is twice the size. The cichlids continue to pick on each other, but basically ignore the glow fish. The crayfish stays hidden most of the time, but does come out to eat, but I try to keep him well fed so that he does not try and hunt the fish. I have two cichlids currently holding and it is a very active aquarium. I know that I need to continue to keep an eye out, but I love the activity in the tank.

    I will add a video at feeding time so you can see them in action. I love to stick some food to the glass and watch my blood parrots jump up and eat. Hope you enjoy!1

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    Here is a link to the video. Please let me know if it does not work.

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    That's one very active and colorful tank! I love it!
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    Thank you.1

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    Wow. Inspirational. What are you feeding? pellet or flake or frozen?
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    I feed shrimp pellets for my bottom feeders and crayfish, cichlid tetra crisps for the africans and algae pellets for all of them to play with.



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