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Thread: Betta macrostoma - breeding questions

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    Default Betta macrostoma - breeding questions

    Hi all,

    Long time no speak! So I popped in to see if anyone has any advice about breeding Betta macrostoma. I have a male holding eggs as of yesterday. They're in Richardson tap water so now I'm wondering if the eggs can even hatch in my water... And if they do, will the fry survive and thrive? Please let me know if you have any experience breeding these fish or any other wild caught mouth brooding betta fish. I need any advice I can get. (I do have vinegar eels at least.)

    It all started as a child.... I spent hours watching fish, tadpoles and crabs in the stream nearby... then when we went to the beach for vacation I spent my time watching the fish and anenomes in the rock/tidal pools. So here I am now with multiple tank syndrome. Is there even a cure?

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    I am of no help, but I will be checking in on this thread for sure! Keep us updated.


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