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Thread: Finally back in it! Cycling my tank!

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    Default Finally back in it! Cycling my tank!

    Things have been crazy the past year and havenít been as active with my tank. We bought a house and moved and was finally able to setup my 55g! YAY! Going to go full cichlids this time.

    Its been cycling for over a week now and itís still not there. I was wondering if anyone near the Allen/Plano area had extra bio sponges they are willing to spare that might help me move the cycle process along?

    Im glad to be back.

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    I need to change the filter floss in the Nano 10 filter, you're welcome to it.


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    Thank you Lil Dicken. I was just about to post my cycle broke through this evening and I just loaded my dishes in ��

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    awesome news I was going to say at the rescue we have cycled sponge filters we could loan you but since it broke through that is great
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