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Thread: Fish tank at work???

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    Default Fish tank at work???

    There are the usual questions regarding bringing fish to work, what size tank, what fish, how to maintain one, how to keep coworkers/cleaning crew from feeding/putting random things in it, etc. Discuss this if you like.

    My question and preferred topic of discussion here is how long should a new hire wait before bringing a small tank to work?

    More specifically, I have a fully contained 5-gal sitting empty right now. I am thinking about setting up an emersed planted setup without fish and no water for now. More of a terrarium or similar to Wabi kusa. What are your thoughts?

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    If it were me I would wait to learn the culture/common practices of the company before setting the tank up. If others have a tank at your level then it's real easy.

    For example at our old location lots of people had plants, however a typical small fish tank wouldn't have been acceptable. A terrarium on the other hand would have been fine and I planned on setting one up, but when we moved to our new location it was made known that nothing living is acceptable (no plants/fish/terrariums/ect.)

    I'd give it a few of months at least, if the company has a probationary period I'd wait at a minimum that long.
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    I echo what Snowball says...

    Where I work, we change desks so often that a tank would be a nightmare to move that much...


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