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Thread: White worm cultures (TCA auction delivery)

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    Default White worm cultures (TCA auction delivery)

    I split my big culture up about a week and a half ago and have 6 starter cultures available. They already have a substantial numbers of worms and eggs so should be decently established come auction. Cultures are in a soil filled steril-lite plastic container with lid that is about the size of a small shoebox. White worms are great for getting your fish fattened up for spawning...I have had good success with them with apisto and cories but larger fish like discus, and angels go nuts for them too. You have to feed the worms on average about once or twice a week so they are pretty low maintenance. $10 each

    *I also have micro worm cultures available if someone is interested.

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    What do you feed the worms?
    Gee, I get a sig file?

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    bread and yogurt.

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    Interested in one of each Gary, be next week before I can get that way.

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    bump last pending to Terry...five left.


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