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Thread: New Arrivals 4/13/18

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    Default New Arrivals 4/13/18

    roseline sharks
    neon dwarf rainbowfish
    spotted puffers
    'electric' blue acaras
    albino rainbow shark s
    4"ish frontosa
    rainbow sharks
    tinfoil barbs
    albino tinfoil barbs
    6" ish silver arowana
    perruno catfish
    azul peacock bass
    5"ish fire eel
    16"ish fire eel
    flame dwarf gourami
    powder blue dwarf gourami
    pearl gourami
    3" clown loach
    polypterus delhezi bichir
    ornate bichir
    3"ish black ghost
    celestial pearl danio *aka galaxy rasbora
    clown knives
    bosemani rainbowfish
    red lobsters
    blue lobsters
    white lobsters
    amano shrimp
    crystal shrimp
    super blue shrimp
    mexican dwarf lobsters
    long-fin serpae tetra
    albino socolofi
    green tiger barbs

    large order of plants just in!


    6955 greenville ave.
    Dallas, tx

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    how much are the celestial pearl danio *aka galaxy rasbora?

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    nickchapman, they are $4 ea. tomorrow is Saturday so they'll go fast. Lemme know if you want me to hold some.



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