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Thread: Longfin White Clouds

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    That's what I'm looking for. He have any for sale?

    Shelldwellers - Multifasciatus, Similis kipili, Brevis Karilani, callipterus
    Rock Dwellers F0 J. marksmithi, J. transcriptus bemba, N. leleupi orange, F0 N. Mustax, Chalinochromis bifrenatus
    Cyprichromis - Utinta, Mpulungu, Microlepidotus Bulu Point, P. nigripinnis
    Sand Sifters X. ornatipinnis, X. bathyphilus kekese, Gantho permaxillaris, L. perspicax, E. descampii

    Synodontis - petricola, lucipinnis, polli, polli white, granulosus (w), multipunctatus (w)

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    Those are gorgeous. I’m glad what I read was wrong
    I rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome fresh and saltwater fish. Here is a link to my Facebook page if you are interested in adopting someone new:
    Current rescue capacity: peaceful- to semi-aggressive fish; 75 gallons and under.


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