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Thread: 2 aquarium setup for sale!!

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    Default 2 aquarium setup for sale!!


    The first is an ada 90p setup
    It has 2 kessil a160we tuna sun
    ehiem pro 4
    10lb co2 cylinder with ceramic diffuser
    stainless steel lilly pipes
    stainless steel check valve
    ada style cabinet
    There's about 3 bags of controsoil, and about 27lbs of seiryu rocks in there. Lava rocks were used to bank it up.
    For plants it has rotala rotundafolia, dwarf hairgrass, and downi. Stock as far as fish are, 5 blood fin tetra, 2 sword tail and 2 female guppies and a ton of cherry shrimp and assasin snails


    The second setup is a 120 gallon long planted tank
    10lb co2 cylinder
    diy reactor
    hydroponic t5 light with adjustable harness
    130lbs of lava boulders
    substrate consisting a mix of ada and flourite
    Plants include
    ar mini
    crap ton of hydrocotyle japan
    rotala rotundafolia and few more
    For fish:
    9 angles in different size with 1 proven pair
    few rummy nose, neons and a glow fish

    I hate to get rid of these but hit a deer on the weekend and gotta get my car fixed since insurance will not cover them.
    Price is negotiable.
    $850 for the ada setup
    $850 for the 120 gallon long

    I will not part them out, and buyer are responsible for moving them.
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    I've seen these tanks in person and they look amazing
    Plecos are like Pokemon you gotta catch them all!!!!!!!

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    You have a lot invested in those tanks. They look very nice.

    Not to get into an insurance discussion, but if you have comprehensive coverage on your car, it will cover animal collision.

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    Before these I had about 7 aquariums running and it got out of hand so I really wanted to have better quality equipments that I can rely on and also enjoy. And as far as the insurance, unfortunately that car only had liability.

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