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Thread: WTB: Holey Rock

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    Default WTB: Holey Rock

    Looking for holey rock to put in my 150 gallon

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    Sent you some pictures of some holey rock

    Shelldwellers - Multifasciatus, Similis kipili, Brevis Karilani, callipterus, caudopunctatus, ornatipinnis, gold ocellatus, speciosus, temporalis shell, Alto Sumbu dwarf
    Rock Dwellers F0 J. marksmithi, J. transcriptus bemba, N. leleupi orange, F0 N. Mustax, C. bifrenatus, C brichardi kigoma, C. popelini, C. Ndobhoi
    Sand Sifters X. ornatipinnis, X. bathyphilus kekese, Gantho permaxillaris, E. descampii

    Synodontis - petricola, lucipinnis, polli, polli white, granulosus (w), multipunctatus (w)

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    I sent you pics of what I have too
    Plecos are like Pokemon you gotta catch them all!!!!!!!

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    I have one large piece about 50 pound that I can let go of for not to much money. I have pics on my phone and will try and get them on my computer and send them if you are interested.


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