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Thread: WTB: Holey Rock

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    Default WTB: Holey Rock

    Looking for holey rock to put in my 150 gallon

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    Sent you some pictures of some holey rock

    Shelldwellers - Multifasciatus, Similis kipili, Brevis Karilani, callipterus
    Rock Dwellers F0 J. marksmithi, J. transcriptus bemba, N. leleupi orange, F0 N. Mustax, Chalinochromis bifrenatus
    Cyprichromis - Utinta, Mpulungu, Microlepidotus Bulu Point, P. nigripinnis
    Sand Sifters X. ornatipinnis, X. bathyphilus kekese, Gantho permaxillaris, L. perspicax, E. descampii

    Synodontis - petricola, lucipinnis, polli, polli white, granulosus (w), multipunctatus (w)

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    I sent you pics of what I have too
    Plecos are like Pokemon you gotta catch them all!!!!!!!

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    I have one large piece about 50 pound that I can let go of for not to much money. I have pics on my phone and will try and get them on my computer and send them if you are interested.


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