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Thread: Dwarf Neon Rainbows

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    Has anyone had luck getting Dwarf Neon Rainbows in the DFW area? I've been all around North DFW, but can't find any! Do we have any reputable rainbowfish breeders in the area?

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    Those don't seem to be very popular around here. I'm pretty sure I've seen them at DNA before on rare occasion.

    Maybe try to order through a LFS?
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    I got a few but they came sick, only 2 survived, and whatever they were carrying was bad
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    Can I ask where you got them from? Imperial Tropics has some that I'm thinking about, but I have never ordered from there.

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    They seem to be more of a summer fish. It seems that mid to late summer they start to show up for a few months.
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