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Thread: Finally found a real Nanay Angelfish

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    Default Finally found a real Nanay Angelfish

    I have been looking for a group of these for about 2-3 years now and purchased some F3 fry over the summer while hoping to eventually find some wild adults to mix in the group. This is the first time I have seen a real one for sale that was not a mislabeled "peruvian altum" angelfish being sold as such....stopped by a place in Austin and they had some F0 Nanays for $65 that were actually "peruvian altums" and were too expensive anyways especially for being the wrong fish, so I decided to hit up one other store I sometimes go to despite the Austin traffic and it being on the south side and low and behold they had one and only one left. They have had a tank of leopoldi angels for about a year or more that were not selling that I would look at each visit and I guess somehow the nanay got mixed in the shipment or something along the way as the leopoldi's eventually sold. I had never noticed it before in the group but it was real and big. It was tagged as a leopoldi but the heavily notched nose, yellow body spotting, blue face, red in the fins, and most importantly the dorsal spot are indicative of the nanays. One photo is of one of my smaller nanays I am growing up...of course the new guy was a bit shy as soon as I tried to take his picture and so the bag photo probably turned out bestIMG_20180217_182603147.jpgIMG_20180217_223304126.jpgIMG_20180217_223600448.jpg

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    Beautiful! I love all the wild-type angels.

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    That is hot. Can we get a FTS?

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    Gee, I get a sig file?

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    The one last survivor i have was labelled P. scalare Rio Putamayo when originally purchased at about 2" in size but it turns out that i have the nanay as well...gorgeous fish but they do take some time to grow

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    wow, those are some good looking fish in there. What type of geo's are those?

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    red head tapajos

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    Sorry to add to the twenty questions - is that driftwood all manzanita wood? I love the driftwood you've got in those photos.
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    all manzanita


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