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    Default Dovii

    Any Dovii lovers on here?

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    yes. i had dovii three or four times. biggest was 15". everytime i got rid of my dovii was because it was such a bad ass. hard to keep just 1 fish in a large tank. My last dovii made mince meat of my pair of flower horn, pair loseillei, pair of synspilla and a midas. All the pairs were breeding pairs. The pairs would team up on the dovii, it was 6 vs 1. Dovii had the middle, flower horn had the upper left, synspilla had the bottom left and the loseillei had the right. Dovii managed to kill the flower horns, devastate the synspilla and nearly kill the female loseillei. End up selling the synspilla and loseillei. The midas could wander peacefully with the other fish, but fought the dovii all the time. He was getting beat up at the end so I gave him away.

    Dovii was the smartest fish I know of, even smarter than some reef fish I have kept. I never seen a fish react so violently toward strangers.
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    Thanks for replying back new kid on the fish block lol

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    That is hardcore. I had no idea they were smart. I've always disliked their shape so never kept any.

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    Anyone keeps the Black Nasty Cichlids?

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    I keep black nasty cichlids right now I have 5
    55 gallon, 29 Planted breeder tank, 40 Gallon Split Haitiensis grow out/Shell dweller tank

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    Black Nasty - Nandopsis haitiensis -

    - - - Updated - - -

    How do you like them?

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    aka: haitian cichlid. black nasty is more befitting though

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    Omg, they are gorgeous!!! I suspect it doesn't play well with others.


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