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    I say adolescent because he isn't nearly full-grown yet, but he also isn't tiny anymore. We bought him to take care of a live-bearer population explosion. He did a marvelous job. But we knew he'd get bigger than we wanted and start hassling other fish. The time has come for him to move on to a more suitable home. He's about 3.5" long and just starting to develop that iridescent orange/gold color they are known for. We named him Tony... short for "gluttony". Anybody who keeps these things will understand why. We can even include the last two "feeder" fish if you like. Assuming he doesn't finally catch them.

    My wife took pictures, but she forgot to send them to me. I'll try to get them posted soon if there's any interest.

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    If nobody wants him i would love to take him, willing to meet at Texas Aquatics if that works for ya

    -There is never enough room for tanks !!!!

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    We could arrange that. Have to be this weekend, I work nights so can't do anything during the week. I'll get the picture up ASAP.

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    The fish is gone. If anybody is still interested he can be found at Texas Aquatics.


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