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Thread: TCA Swap Meet March 11

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    What type of filters are you bringing? Between my tons of tanking and the fact I have been referred to as a "Filter Hoarder" I am always looking for filters.
    we won't know what all we will be trading/selling till probably sometime next week because this weekend we are supposed to be picking up so much equipment we have to rent a uhaul. After we go through it all we will post what we have for sale or trade
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    Tentatively going to try to attend this one. Normally I have to miss out.
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    update they are moving to a new location. they should have stuff reopened and ready to go on march 3rd.
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    Looks like they are stepping up in the world.


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    New address for the lazies that won't pull the link.

    5064 davis blvd north richland hills

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    How many children can I bring without offending anyone? (I really want to come, this usually ends badly)
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    Of course I'm out of town. Been wanting to get to a meeting, but never around when they happen.

    Hopefully next time.
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    Me too.
    last year I missed it because of a surgery
    this year I will be driving home from San Antonio on that Sunday.

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    Anyone who is planning on coming have some Malaysian Trumpet Snails to spare?

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    Texas Aquatics has moved to Davis Blvd. in North Richland Hills. Check their website and/or Facebook page for the specific address.

    We are planning on bringing some air pumps, filters, lights, a big canister filter (parts only), and anything else I can dig out of the tractor shed that Marvin will turn loose of. I also need to dig up some "walking" iris (blue dutch/Siberian) out of the front ditch because they have "walked" so far that they are beginning to clog it and prevent it from draining properly. In the past week or so, we have received a foot and a half of rain, and more is predicted, so we need to nip a clogged ditch problem in the bud. My Louisiana iris are also in need of some thinning. If anyone is interested in these two types of iris, let me know with a post here. Also, I can go diving for some dormant lotus tubers.

    I am considering bringing some canned goods to sell, plus some kale and collard greens from my garden patches. Is there any interest in those items??

    Hope to see everyone on the 11th, weather permitting!

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