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Thread: New Arrivals 1/11/18

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    Default New Arrivals 1/11/18

    gold calvus cichlids

    neolamprologus cylindricus cichlids

    male black calvus cichlids *large, nice!

    chalinochromis 'ndodoi' cichlids *large, nice!

    red zebra cichlids

    williamsi 'blue lip' cichlids

    maingano cichlids

    'chewere' elongatus cichlids *beautiful

    sunshine peacock cichlids

    regal peacock cichlids

    bicolor peacock cichlids

    lemon 'jake' jacobfreibergi cichlids

    ngara 'flame-tail' peacock cichlids

    'electric blue' hap. Ahli cichlids

    o.b. Peacock cichlids

    yellow blaze lithobates cichlids

    koi angelfish

    marble angelfish

    synodontis petricola catfish

    kuhlii loaches

    black rasboras

    red eye tetras

    neon dwarf rainbowfish

    pea puffers! *yeah!


    clown killifish

    dwarf gourami

    juvenile ornate bichir

    neon blue jewel cichlids

    crystal shrimp

    blue velvet shrimp

    and last but not least an mbu puffer!! *too cool!

    We still have a few used tanks left too!


    6955 greenville ave.
    Dallas, tx

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    what size used tanks ha ha . what about the rabbit food (plants? )
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    they aren't rabbit food they are pleco food lol
    Plecos are like Pokemon you gotta catch them all!!!!!!!


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