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Thread: Garage clean-out

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    Default Garage clean-out

    Doing my annual garage clean-out, will update with new items as I clean them up.

    12/5 - First up:
    2x 40g breeders - Sold
    1x 20g Long, cracked bottom - Free
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    130g - Rainbowfish, Tetras, Plecos
    75g - Tiger Silver Dollars, Tiger Oscar
    45g - Koi Angels, Reticulatus Corys, L333 Yellow Tiger
    10g - Betta

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    Interested in the 40B! Probably both, but I haven’t started my new job yet, so if someone wants to take them before me, I don’t mind.
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    Current rescue capacity: peaceful to aggressive fish; 150 gallons and under.

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    if u weren't so far away I'd snag both 40B
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