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Thread: Columnaris treatment

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    I still don't know what those fish brought in but the 10 gallon quarantine procedure has been reinstated. Medicated feed with tetracycline cleared the last 2 catfish and th last 2 rainbows. All of the affected guppies from the original tanks died.

    so I did a big water change on the 20. 100%, and heated it high. I did a 50% water change on the 55 didn't heat it high. gave it a few days and put 3 fresh clean guppies in each. Females get sick and die very fast, although the 20 was slower both tanks exhibited the same shyness, avoiding light, black eyes, no appetite and death. when I was down to 1 male from the 20, a male and a female from the 55 I moved them to a nice clean plastic folgers can, no filtration, dechlorinated water, on the kitchen table. And added a little bleach to both tanks. Whatever this stuff was it even killed the snails OR my treatment with Quinine killed the snails. Total wipeout.

    In the coffee can today, when the cat knocked it over, the rim saved the one living male fish that appears not to have caught it and is eating medicated feed. I'm treating him like a betta, still no filter, why infect more equipment. He's doing fine.

    10 gallon fish, also include 4 baby albino BN plecos, one had died in the 20 of the 2 I didn't know were in there, I moved the other 3 initially and the survivor when I found him, they are all ok, along with rainbows and cories. All are now on regular food which I will observe to see if any symptoms redevelop, and I did add a back filter to the corner filter, no longer having to do a water change every 2 or 3 days. When I feel like they are not going to infect a tank they will move to my understocked hex tank.

    I need to add enough bleach to the 55 and the 20 to totally kill any bacteria in the pumps, on the plants, everything, I'm just letting them run, then siphoning it out. Anyone know how much I should add?

    This is NOT enteric septicemia. It is In the water. ES you can eliminate it from a tank just by running without fish for 24 to 48 hours. This stuff hangs on apparently forever in your equipment.
    Also most strains of ES developed immunity to tetracycline feed, this one hasn't
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    I think most bleach dips are 1:9 bleach:water ratio. but I would just go heavy on the bleach to make sure everything is dead. then rinse well and let everything air dry completely

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