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Thread: Metal Frame Slate Bottom 10 Gallon

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    Quote Originally Posted by oscar-lover View Post
    Why go through the trouble, 10G tanks are cheap if you buy them new!

    Are you trying to restore this tank due to its uniqueness? If not i would not waste my time. A good idea is to display succulents in them
    That's the reason it's been in my closet a couple years I have a 10g now but I want to restore this one enough to hold water.

    I didn't even think of YouTube.

    I did try the hot water trick... Didn't work unfortunately.

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    well that is good to know. Youtube on this when I get time. Excellent questions and answers on this thread
    Gee, I get a sig file?

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    I have a few. I never had much luck with the silicone and slate. I have been known to put a piece of glass over the old slate bottom and silicone that inplace though and it works well.



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