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Thread: Life Reef Filtration

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    7F7D4F26-652A-48E9-8CE5-F598E5DA6AA3.jpegFA4CE380-627D-42CF-9184-C2E0AE11D691.jpegThe fish were delivered this morning and I picked them up at my local fedex. Didn’t have any issues with the fish acclimating to my water and they seemed to get aquantied with the tank pretty easy. These guys were exactly what I was looking for and really enjoy the color of the fins.

    Ran into an issue though when it came to feeding for the first time. When adding fish food, the food could not sink in time before the food would be sucked into my prefilters. So, to combat this, I created a timer for my switches, where my pump would turn off for about thirty minutes every evening about 7:55. I have an auto fish feeder which I have scheduled to run at 8:00 PM. This way, the fish have time to eat and the food will not be wasted into the prefilters.

    Now onto finding the Frontosas i’m looking for. Trying to keep positive in finding them, but sooner or later I will find some.

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    Well, the planets must be aligning as I have found a breeder for Mpimbwe Frontosa's and are supposed to be delivered tomorrow to my office. Could not find anyone local that had Frontosa's to my liking. After these are acclimated, I shouldn't need to be adding any other fish to the tank and it will be complete! The fish I added last week are eating well and seem to be enjoying the larger tank.

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    awesome! I hope to see pics

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    All of the fish were delivered today to my office and all 23 made it alive into the tank. Overall, very happy with everything. They are a little small, but I enjoy seeing fish grow out and they are near the same size as the fish which I had delivered last weekend. Not the greatest pics as this was taken about half an hour after adding them to the tank, so the colors should start popping soon.

    If if anyone wants the breeders contact info, send me a message and I can provide it via PM. He only has Frontosas but caries a wide assortment of species. One of the few Mpwimbe breeders I could find. And his prices are fantastic.


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