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Thread: Co2 fill ups

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    I used to pay around $32 to exchange my 10lb, this time i went to bacon equipment co in dallas and they fill it up on the spot, it was $32 for 2 10lb bottle. Theres a hydroponic store by cowboy stadium that'll exchange 20lb cylinder for $26 out the door.

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    Someone can correct me on this if I am wrong.. but my understanding of turning off your CO2 with the lights is that your plants are not processing the C02 and it causes a buildup and a dip on the PH level.
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    The buildup of CO2 will cause the PH to drop, lights out will exacerbate the situation. At what rate/intensity varies substantially so it could be a non-issue or an actual issue.

    Bigger overarching reason is to not waste CO2 on plants that aren't gonna use it. It's universally true.
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    I've used beer stores and do an exchange no problems. I use keg and barrels at 15 and custer plano tx and spec's just north of parker and 75 in plano. 15-20 bucks to fill up a 10 pound bottle.
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    I know this is old but, I'm adding to the efficacy of the search function.

    You can fill co2 tanks at academy. Also, yes. Running co2 at night will cause a ph dip due to the plants not photosynthesizing and the excess co2 acidifying the water.

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    I realize this is an old post, but Im looking for paintball areas that will fill my tank bc the one near me
    closed down. Does anyone know of a place near HEB or Arlington that refills?
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    Good info guys thanks

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    Academy does CO2 refills for paintball.

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    just talked to Academy--sadly they do not do 5lb or larger refills or exchanges....

    I talked to GatSplat indoor paintball which has locations in Keller, Lewisville, and Rowlett--they will do refills and exchanges for 5lbs and higher... the lady didn't really seem to know their prices...said my 5lb cylinder refill would be $5-$7... lady on the phone wasn't sure about Keller's stock, but said Lewisville definitely had them in stock...the only drawback is their hours... i'll update when I try to go out there Saturday...

    Still looking for an affordable refill in the HEB area :-(

    Quote Originally Posted by rbradbury View Post
    Academy does CO2 refills for paintball.

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    kool-keg in Arlington will do refills --5lb cylinder for $23.95


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