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Did anyone else have 90 degree tap water this summer. For me it started the end of june, and as of today it is 82. I had lost 6 fish this summer because i had apparently cooked them. Called the water dept. And they say my lines in the ground were to high or something. So my water changes have sucked for awhile now.
Story of my life.
I treat my water in 275 gallon water totes in my garage (I have about 3,000 gallons of aquariums) and treat with Safe (powder form of Prime) and have 2 250 gph sponges and a fx5 to neutralize the ammoinio & nitrite in my tap and another advantage is that these water totes don't conduct or hold heat. When my aquarium water was 84° - 86° the water totes water temp never exceeded 78°.

Maybe you could try this.

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I also run sponge filters in every tank to create extra 02 in the tanks as well as either Bio Wheel 350 or Emperor 400. Warm water has less 02 then cool water.