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Thread: Tanganyika Cichlid Tank

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    Default Tanganyika Cichlid Tank

    If you had a 125 sitting around and wanted to use it for multiple species of Lamprologus and Neolamprologus tank, what all would you put in. Primarily looking to keep dwarf species but want it more of a biotope setup. Please let me know, i have some gold occies and petricola on hand to start with but want more....i want it fully packed to reduce aggression!
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    -There is never enough room for tanks !!!!

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    N. Nigriventris is a nice looking "leleupi" type of fish...rare in the hobby. N. Buescheri is a nice looking fish too.

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    Altolamprologus and cyprichromis

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    Edited the post, wanted to inlcude multiple species of fish

    -There is never enough room for tanks !!!!


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