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Thread: help with my wet dry set-up..

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    Default help with my wet dry set-up..

    Does anyone know of a place in dfw that can either rebuild mine or have some for sale... Mine is falling apart..
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    Dallas North Aquarium almost always has some used..

    Most LFS have new ones available. You could also watch craigslist or DFWMas for deals on used... there are always good deals roaming around.
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    Depending on how it is constructed and how it is falling apart it might not be that hard to DIY a fix. If it's acrylic a little bit of acrylic weld should do the trick for just about anything.

    Also +1 to Biggin's suggestion
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    Thanks for the info..
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    Quote Originally Posted by mario View Post
    Thanks for the info..
    Dallas North Aquarium often has them pretty cheap. Wet / dry filters have fallen out of favor in the saltwater community so they can be often had for very cheap.


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