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    For some reason I was not able to log into my account past 2 weeks, but it works now so I can give y'all an update.

    I've waited around 6-8 months to set these 2 system up due to how cost heavy these were.
    First up
    Aquarium: Ada 90p
    Filter: Ehiem pro with stainless steel Lilly pipe and overflow intake
    Light: 2 kessil tuna sun a160 we
    The stand was made by Andrew Barchini (member of Houston cichlid club) -and yes I went to Houston as an excuse to get out of town to get the stand. It's an Ada style stand with 3/4 inch plywood. */currently the doors won't close lol*/
    Substrate: 3 bags of 9L controsoil black with fine granule size [3mm] */mistake in my end, would rather have bought the extra fine[1mm] granule size/*
    Scaping martial used was serui stones
    - It's an iwagumi style scape, currently cycling the setup before planting. Will do dwarf hair grass.

    Second up
    Aquarium: Mr aqua 12 gallon
    Filter: Ehiem
    Light: diy lighting stand using closet organizer material from home depot, and it's a current USA led
    Substrate: black diamond sand with Ada Amazonia
    --some brand of heater
    I'm not sure which company the stand is made by


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    Congrats. Both setups look great.

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    Beautiful, can't wait to see them fully planted!

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