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    Hello all, we are thinking about putting a 30-50 gal brackish tank in our room. (If you know of anyone who is getting rid of a good bowfront tank in this range, at a reasonable or free price, please point me in their direction! Preferably closer to the 50. ��) This will be a first for me and I am trying to get as much research in as I can but I feel like the internet is full of conflicting information. So...

    I have always wanted a puffer, not sure which type yet though. But, from everything I have seen they stay almost completely alone in their tank. This saddens me. I like community tanks with plenty of life to them. I get bored with a tank that you have to search around in, in order to find the inhabitants. ��

    So before we commit to a brackish tank I would like to know what people think about stocking a brackish community tank. I am finding that a salinity of 1.010 is a good common ground for most brackish fish types. That is probably where I would want to keep it. But I am just learning about salinity and am hoping that this will be a stepping stone of knowledge and experience to a large marine tank eventually. Any advice is welcome!

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    I have no experience with brackish, but have had experience with saltwater aquariums. Invest in a good refractometer! Hydrometers are notoriously inaccurate, especially as they age. This will give you a piece of equipment that you'll need for a salty tank along with experience using it. Unfortunately that's the only real crossover I can think of between brackish/saltwater..... well besides mixing to a specific salinity.

    You could always keep a large(ish) number of puffers to increase the life in the tank, not sure how different species mix so that may(not) be an option.
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