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Thread: Best Lighting for Corals ?

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    Default Best Lighting for Corals ?

    I have current pro's on my 90 gallon reef right now. It seems like some of the corals like it and some don't. Is there a better solution?

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    Depends on how much money you are looking to spend! There are tons of options when it comes to saltwater.

    What corals are looking like they don't like it? Do you have the Orbit Marine Pro? Current has 3 different types and depending on the one purchased it might not be the proper lighting for corals.

    Also what are the tank parameters? It might not be the lighting at all.
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    you might look into radions, A.I., kessil, or maxspect.

    what corals are having the issues with your light now?

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    Are the lights on top or bottom not "liking" the lights?

    As previously asked, what lights do you have now?
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