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Thread: How to Identify Cichlid (Haps & Peacock) Fry

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    Default How to Identify Cichlid (Haps & Peacock) Fry

    Is there a way to identify cichlid fry to distinguish the difference between the two.

    Reason I ask is I have 40+ eggs which I stripped from my Yellow Blaze and just striped my blue ahli this afternoon both in different tumblers.

    Can I put them in the same 10 gallon tank once they are fully developed. Will I be able to tell the difference between the two.

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    Assuming they are both should be able to tell the difference between them by 1.5" or so...otopharynx will have the spots on the side while juvies while the haps will be relatively colorless but perhaps with some vertical barring.

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    Sounds good, they should be purebred I keep the two in separate tanks unless the blue Ahli male jumped into yellow blaze tank and night and got busy.

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    I personally wouldn't do (no offense Gary) I have seen some cichlids breed when thr females ars less than 2" and I always want keep my lines pure.
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    Once they start to size you will be able to tell better!


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