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Thread: MTS. Who has it the worst?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nickchapman View Post
    me too lol. I would have reef mts if it were not soooo expensive, an anemone tank, soft coral tank, hard coral tank, shrimp tank, etc.
    Ok, Nick. Calm down, you're drooling!
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    Quote Originally Posted by plant lady View Post
    Ok, Nick. Calm down, you're drooling!
    LOL you are right!

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    My MTS runs deep. Currently setting up a 65 gallon, but the future plans are ever expanding.

    Once we buy our house, there will probably be a display tank (or even 2) in every room. Fresh and Salt. Built into the walls, and sitting on stands - coffee tables, end tables (hell even saw an aquarium toilet, but don't think I'll take it that far).
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    Currently have 125g, 29g, 33g and 55g. My MTS seems to be cyclical wherein i get rid of tanks trying to cut down but then impulse buy tanks and set it up just for the fun of it. At one point i had around 10 tanks but thats the highest i have gone. Right now i am in my "scale down" mode.

    -There is never enough room for tanks !!!!

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    I am down to 1 big display, qt and a turtle tank..

    I am a lot happier with this then when I had a house full of tanks.
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