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Thread: New 125G Up!

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    Wow the tank looks awesome. Hello Shelldon !!
    I was told at PetSmart that all turtles they sell are semi-aquatic and they need a rock or something above water level to bask. So is Shelldon a complete aquatic species?

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    all turtles need to be able to bask in the sun to get vitamin D for their shells. Looks like the acrylic box on top is for this purpose. This is a great looking set up you have put together. I bet Shelldon is happy.

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    That turtle gonna be so happy in there ! I saw them in much much much... smaller tanks

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    Great looking tank!

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    That's an awesome turtle setup! Great size, great filtration, and great choice in fish for a turtle tank! Other than the danios I would have went with a few more aggressive mid sized cichlids. Maybe convicts or an Oscar.


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