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Thread: Distilled water for Ato

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    Default Distilled water for Ato

    I was thinking of setting up an Ato on my Nanocube to cover any evaporation I've heard that distilled water will work really good does anyone here use distilled water on their reef tanks

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    Evaporation from your tank is more or less the same process as distillation. So to add distilled water to your tank you are in essence reversing evaporation. RO water will work as well for an ato. The main thing is to not add any other minerals or ions with the water because they will throw off your water parameters.

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    be sure to check your distilled water for ammonia. I have read lots of people testing their distilled water bought from the grocery store and finding it has ammonia in it. If so, a lil dechlorinator and youre good to go.

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    It depends on the "quality" of the distilled water. Those refillable jugs at the supermarket tend to not be cleaned well and as such can produce some less than stellar water. Sealed gallon jugs of distilled water should be fine, but to be safe you can always test the TDS before using it. The cost can be prohibitive but since it's just a nano it shouldn't be to bad. Long term think about investing in an RO/DI system, they pretty much scale with any size tank you could want, and can be found pretty cheap second hand and the cost savings is astounding. Not to mention you know the exact quality of the water you are putting in your tank.
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    you can by a 50gpd ro buddy for 60 then the di part for 20 at petco. the aquatic life ro buddie with the di is what I use. and have it go in to a 15 gallon store barrel. then I fill up a 5 gallon jug and have a auto top machine pump it from the jug to the sump, a sensor hangs at the low water mark and will sensor the pump to turn on and top off the sump as water evaps out of the tank.
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