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Thread: which salt mix

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    Default which salt mix

    Which salt mix for tanks with corals do you all prefer? What makes each better than the other?

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    Red Sea Coral Pro and Salinity are two big ones. I used Red Sea Coral Pro for a while, liked it though it did leave some residue in the mixing tub most salts do that. One thing I didn't like about it is that it's supposed to go into the tank quickly for whatever reason so I had to mix whenever doing a change and couldn't do as large of a batch as I would have liked.

    No experience with Salinity but it's a new salt for commercial sales. Most people love it, it's quickly become the top salt alot of people use. The only problem is availability, least when I first started hearing about it alot of the times it would have to be special ordered and sometimes the stores wouldn't do that unless you would buy a full pallet. Granted people would group together on DFWMAS and buy multiple pallets at a time lol.
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    I read on reef central or maybe another that a good number of members were using instant ocean (regular) and swore that they did not need all the extra stuff put into RSCP and reef crystals, etc. said it would contribute to tds and extra nutrients down the road that would accumulate and cause problems. any ideas on this?

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    TDS only matters when the water is coming out of the RO/DI system.

    If you have 0 TDS in your tank then you are placing saltwater fish in pure water, not saltwater. The TDS reading in the tank doesn't matter at all.

    A number of people use IO. I used it for about half of my stint in reefing. It worked well enough for things to live. I never dosed anything, but I also didn't have any corals besides some xenia and texas trash palys. The problem with IO is that it isn't always consistent. Sometimes their batches are way off from where they should be, but that can be said for most salts besides Salinity.

    From personal experience the switch to RSCP was worth it, the growth and color change was surprising to say the least. (Though I did make other changes at around the same time). The difference between the day before water change and after water change looked good. I never experienced the build up you speak of, but I have read of an occasional batch having some wonky shit going on.

    IO is fine for a newly starting tank imo. Once you get it going with a number of corals and you start having to think about dosing then the switch to Reef Crystals/RSCP/Salinity is worth it IMO.
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    gotcha. Do you know of anyone using the Fritz salt mixes?

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    Yes fritz is ok for lps and softies wouldn't count on it for sps. Fritz is cheap if you get it at wholesale $50 for the big box. Fritz is also local. But I definitely second red sea pro, used to use fluval sea and that did well but didn't like the way it mixed. I like how fast red sea pro mixes I have a 2 year old and not alot of room so I can't store it and I can get a water change done during nap time . I also really like tropic Marin.

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    Is Red Sea Coral Pro, the one that mixes very cloudy? How long till it clears up?

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    It does mix cloudy. I don't remember how long till it cleared in a mixing tub, but it would clear within 5-10 minutes or so in the tank if I didn't have time to wait around.

    It's been forever since I've used the salt but there are instructions on the bucket. I just remember sometimes it would still be cloudy when it recommended to be put into the tank, but as I said it cleared quickly once in the tank with no ill effects on fish or coral.
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    I usually mix it for an hour or two it says on the instructions to not mix more than 4 hours

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    I use io salt no issues


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