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Thread: setting up a sea monkey tank 5 gallon,

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    Default setting up a sea monkey tank 5 gallon,

    Unsure of everything, i have a 20 gallon tank filter i can use on it. Do i need lights? Something to cover the filter? We got a kit, but it is like 2 cups, so are they saltwater? All info and suggestions greatly appreciated.

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    Google brine shrimp care or Artemia Salina care.
    1X 100g, 1X 75g-high, 3X 55g, 2X 39g, 6X 20g-Long, 1X 20g-High, 21X 10g.

    Fundulopanchax Oeseri, Fundulopanchax Nigerianus P82, Aphyosemion Striatum Cape Esterias GLB 85/6, Cynodonichthys Tenius "Taco Talpa Park", Aphyosemiom bivittatum "funge", Julidochromis marlieri.

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    There are thousands of sea monkey starter kits on Amazon that you could look into.


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